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Tools & Technology

We use cutting edge tools and technology to create some of the highest quality custom flow hoods on the market. All wood models are cut to precision by CNC machines. Our plastic units are 3D printed in the highest quality using environmentally friendly PLA. And, our FFU units are manufactured to perfection and then assembled by us! We hand build every single unit that leaves our shop to guarantee perfection.

Current Lead Times

Nomad & Model S units: 4-6 WEEKS

DIY Kits: 2-5 WEEKS

FFU Model M & XL: 0-3 MONTHS

Flow Hood Supplies: 3-7 DAYS

After Sale Advice

Our commitment to affordability and quality extends beyond the initial purchase of a flow hood, and we strive to provide ongoing support and resources to ensure our customers' continued satisfaction. 


 Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns after you receive your unit. 

All units are warrantied for one year.

Durable, High Quality Materials

All units come complete and ready to use! Our mission has always been about affordability without sacrificing quality. Each flow hood is built with the highest quality materials available. Each unit is equipped with a removable frame for easy cleaning and maintenance.


We offer affordable filter replacements and replacement parts so our customers can have a peace of mind knowing that they can maintain their flow hoods in optimal condition without breaking the bank. We aim to make clean air accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or industry!

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